We deliver cars
from USA auctions to Ukraine
Mercedes C-class coupe 2017
$ 26 000
Average price on Onexport
$ 36 000
Average price on Auto.ria.com
VW Jetta 2014
$ 7 700
Average price on Onexport
$ 10 500
Average price on Auto.ria.com
Toyota Camry 2019
$ 19 500
Average price on Onexport
$ 27 500
Average price on Auto.ria.com
Audi Q7 2018
$ 37 500
Average price on Onexport
$ 48 500
Average price on Auto.ria.com
Dodge Challenger 2015
$ 16 500
Average price on Onexport
$ 22 700
Average price on Auto.ria.com
Nissan Leaf 2019
$ 19 500
Average price on Onexport
$ 27 000
Average price on Auto.ria.com
About us
Onexport – Your partner in automobiles. Our team has more than 5 years experience in delivering cars from USA, which are so hard to find in Ukraine.
Every customer gets separated manager, who is in touch in every step of the whole process.
Steps to buy a car
Convenient and close - our offices are located in different cities of Ukraine: Kiyv, Odessa, Dnipro, and also we have an office in the USA.
Representation in the USA allows us to respond immediately for any issue related with purchase and transportation of cars, as our American employees are in constant contact with auctions, car drivers and representatives of sea lines.
We will help you, not only to save your money, but afford more as well.
ONexport Team
In ONexport you will never be offered the first available option of the car, in order company to earn money easily. One of the main distinguishing features of our company is in purchasing a car with the greatest benefit for our customers. This is the main way we can count on customer loyalty and the formation of a successful reputation.
The benefits of Onexport compared with other companies in this business.
Company is officially represented in both countries in Ukraine and in USA.
We carry out the whole process of buying and delivering cars without intermediaries.
All calculations for cars are fixed and without any hidden fees.
Prices for logistics are transparent and are publicly available in our calculator.
The best insurance policy – we insure cars by photos of auction.
Access to closed auctions.
Free car checks by the history of CarFax and by our own databases.
Financial support for corporate clients.
Contact us:
Our team is always ready to select the best option of the car regarding on your needs.
Average time of delivery
Years of experience
on US market
who are connected by one mission
Choose the budget
Car in the best condition or with minimal damage. Automobile from auction, even with delivery, customs clearance, and repair cost, is cheaper by 30%-40% than in Ukraine.
To $10 000
From $10 000 to $16 000
From $16 000 to $25 000
From $25 000+
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